Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor,

I call your office to make an appointment, just like you ask. I arrive 15 minutes early, just like you asked, just to find out that you are 30 minutes behind. So for me, the good patron, I am now 45 minutes behind my schedule. Once in the patient room I don't let my three year old run around, knock over your things or draw on your walls or curtains. Instead we read the tethered books, that someone else's kid has torn apart. You come into the room, shake my hand, and tell me that you do not know what's on my son's face and you're referring us to a Dermatologist. Couldn't I have just emailed you a photo of his face and you emailed me back the referral? What would happen if when you (doctor) brought your child to school 10 minutes early so that he/she wouldn't be late, and I was no where to be found? Where am I 30 minutes after the school day started and you're still in my classroom waiting? I'm down the hall talking to another parent who is mad because instead of me REALLY looking at their child's homework I referred her to the Kindergarten teacher, since that is the level she is actually on. I'll tell you what would happen. You (doctor) would be in the principle's office complaining about how incompetent and unprofessional I am. You would go on and on about how you have to get to work and I am inconsiderate of your time. I would then get lecture and written up, and that would be placed in my permanent file. Yet you can do it and there is no one to complain too. The biggest kick in the pants is that you get paid eight times as much as I do. Thanks for letting me vent.


Distraught Mom/Teacher

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