Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming to an End

The school year is coming to an end and the students know it. We took our last field trip on Friday to the Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. My students and I have attempted to make pin-hole cameras, using oatmeal canisters, except the paint continues to peel off the can. We will try again this week! We are also going to write and publish an alphabet book. We will be very busy these last nine days. I am especially looking forward to field day on Friday, where my team gets to squash the a Christ-like manner of course.

I am excited about my new roles for the next year that include, Director of Summer Programs and Co-Athletic Director. We are adding a boys basketball team, cheerleaders, and track and field to our school resume. The 2010-2011 school year promises to be a blessed one. Continue to stay tuned as I begin to add photos of teaching aides and must have supplements for your child or students!

Have a great summer, and be on the look out to see what I am doing with my kids this summer!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Now we come to the time of year when testing dominates our little teacher lives. The students are anxious, the teachers are nervous, and the administrators are sitting on pins and needles. Luckily at my school testing is only used for our own informational needs. The thing that makes me laugh is that administrators keep repeating themselves, "After testing, teaching still needs to continue!" Uh, OK. The kids are crazy, the teachers are crazy, and I say front load on FIELD TRIPS!! Unfortunately, we do not have transportation for our students and parents have to volunteer to drive. Most parents are not near the end of their jobs for the year and do not have as much flexibility as I do. So I am going on my four year-old's field trips instead, and leaving my first graders in the hands of a very capable substitute. *wink*

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Fury Within

The thing that makes me most angry about teaching is when I get young boys that cannot read. For the most part the patterns are the same. Their ability to recognize the letters and their sounds is non-existent. I am confident that the Lord will give me what I need to help these students read, but the problem is life. Most of my students go home and practice reading on their level with a parent or guardian. Some of them do not. I have grandparents that read to their grandchildren and never practice phonics. Thankfully I cannot say that all my students that have reading difficulty have this problem. I must admit that it angers me that I feel as though progress is made during the week that I count it robbery when they come in on Monday and we are back to square one. Well, at least I know where my passion lies.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Few Weeks of School

Well the first few weeks have come and gone. I have change the set-up of my desks three times, given 2 formal assessments, and survived Back to School Night. This group that I have this year are all future CEO's, company presidents, police officers, or teachers. Every last one of them want to be in charge. The biggest challenge thus far has been to have my own son as a student. He test me with his free flowing personality and challenges me with his constant questioning.

I began with 5 reading groups, but was able to rid 3 students of "summer brain" and moved them up into another group. This brings my total to 4. I would love one day to have only three, but this is my reality.

All that aside, I am so happy to be back in the swing of things. Stay tuned, for the next update.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School

The day is finally here! All of you parents out there that are happily anticipating the opening of the school doors. I decided to spend my last evening of freedom relaxing with a friend. That lasted for about two hours, and then reality hit, I had to get my kids ready! I went into super mommy mode and began making dinner, packing lunches, labeling school supplies, stuffing blankets into back packs, and gathering all of my things. I laid out clothes, gave baths, and said prayers. All is quiet on this front.

I have 21 students this year that will be eagerly waiting to meet me tomorrow morning. I am excited about my new adventures in First Grade, and cannot wait to share. Get some rest my fellow educators, the whirlwind begins!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor,

I call your office to make an appointment, just like you ask. I arrive 15 minutes early, just like you asked, just to find out that you are 30 minutes behind. So for me, the good patron, I am now 45 minutes behind my schedule. Once in the patient room I don't let my three year old run around, knock over your things or draw on your walls or curtains. Instead we read the tethered books, that someone else's kid has torn apart. You come into the room, shake my hand, and tell me that you do not know what's on my son's face and you're referring us to a Dermatologist. Couldn't I have just emailed you a photo of his face and you emailed me back the referral? What would happen if when you (doctor) brought your child to school 10 minutes early so that he/she wouldn't be late, and I was no where to be found? Where am I 30 minutes after the school day started and you're still in my classroom waiting? I'm down the hall talking to another parent who is mad because instead of me REALLY looking at their child's homework I referred her to the Kindergarten teacher, since that is the level she is actually on. I'll tell you what would happen. You (doctor) would be in the principle's office complaining about how incompetent and unprofessional I am. You would go on and on about how you have to get to work and I am inconsiderate of your time. I would then get lecture and written up, and that would be placed in my permanent file. Yet you can do it and there is no one to complain too. The biggest kick in the pants is that you get paid eight times as much as I do. Thanks for letting me vent.


Distraught Mom/Teacher

Summer Stay at Home Mom

During summer break I am transformed into a stay at home mom. I stayed at home with my two boys for a year before going back to teaching. I love being with my sons and trying new adventures. So far we have been to a Living History Museum, the Museum of American History, Fisherman's Wharf, fishing, Cleveland's West side Market, Cedar Point Amusement Park (we learned how roller coasters work!), and the National Arboretum. Next week we are off to California, before school starts!